Sunday, June 15, 2008

Another MGS Post?! I Know; I'm Sorry...

This should be the last one until I start playing the game. I just felt like I should comment on something, namely the Penny Arcade strip that was posted on Friday:I could not agree more with the sentiments expressed in this comic strip. As of late, I've been very frustrated by the videogame journalism. Most of the time, it stems from the always ridiculous 100 point scale that websites like IGN insist on using, or habit of watermarking the crap out of any media posted on their site, despite that fact that the website does not, in fact, own the art assests, screenshots, and videos which they watermark. However, the review in question was fair, as near as I can tell, and 9.3 is a perfectly legitimate score. Note to the fanbase: as much as we all love Metal Gear, we must admit that the series has its flaws.

I've been disappointed with review scores in the past as well. I've always felt that Tales of Symphonia for the Gamecube was underrated by Electronic Gaming Monthly when it was released, and the following the game has garnered since its release only reinforces this notion. But it didn't begrudge EGM for it. In the long run, what matters is whether you yourself enjoy a game, and not whether it earned a perfect score on a gaming website. Lighten up, gamers!

Also, fans of Metal Gear Solid 2 should give this analysis a careful read. It's a very intriguing take on the controversal and often convoluted plot of MGS2.

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