Thursday, June 12, 2008

MGS4: The Unboxing

It arrived today! I am now officially the proud owner of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. Why am I sitting at my laptop instead of playing the greatly anticipated game? Well, as I noted last time, MGS4 is a videogame that I am completely unable to play, due to my lack of Playstation 3. The important thing though is that my collection of Metal Gear games is nearing completion. All I need now is to possibly grab a used copy of Metal Gear Solid 1 from the recently released collection. I'd really love to play the original PS1 version of Metal Gear Solid to complement my copy of The Twin Snakes.

Below are some pictures of unwrapping of MGS4, along with the preorder goodies and my MGS collection.

MGS4 + the Pre-order Goodies

From the artbook: A short synopsis of the MGS plot thus far

Looks like there's also nice content to read in the artbook

From the artbook: the Beauties/Beasts

The open blu-ray case: showing the disc and manual

From the manual: How to play MGS4 (told through comic panels)

The two Metal Gear Saga bonus DVDS (the first came with MGS3: Subsistence)

My Metal Gear Collection: Possibly Incomplete?

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